Soy Milk

The soymilk is made of soybeans. It is a great alternative to cow’s milk and a good source of protein. It its easy to digest, has no cholesterol and has less fat that cow’s milk.

To prepare this drink, soy beans are soaked in water and then milled. Later it's baked to destroy toxins that disable the absorption of proteins. The filtrate liquid obtained is the soy milk.

It can be consumed plain or flavored with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, wild berries, etc. It is a good alternative to cow's milkeasy to digest and haspleasant taste. It also has a low content of carbohydrate and is lactose free (the natural sugar in milk). It is rich in phytochemicals, particularly isoflavones, which appear to be involved in the fight against cancer because of its antiestrogenic effects.

For vegetarians who have removed dairy products for its diets, this drink can assume a role of utmost importance for the quality of its protein intake.