Equipment Industry for manufacturing soybean milk.


LACTOSOJA was established more than 4 years ago in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The company is a market leader in providing inputs for the manufacture of soy milk; in the manufacture of mechanical-cows and wrapping machines; on the supply of spare parts and technical assistance on any equipment brand (mechanical-cow, wrapping machine, coolers and pre-coolers, ultra-pasteurizer and shellers machines).


With a solid partner formation and seeking the synergy with our customers, we have incorporated into our company research professionals targeting new products for soy milk production as well as other miscellaneous products always using the latest technology.


We commercialize high quality and concentration products serving municipal governments in Brazil, private companies and international clients.


In our services we seek the total satisfaction of our customers, analyzing the best cost/benefit deal, providing high level service and meeting a strict compliance with the deadlines.


The experience of the staff, our concern about product quality and our customer commitment, guarantee solid growth and make of LACTOSOJA a synonymous of trust.


Our mission


Always be ahead in new technologies, products and services, training and empowering our employees to provide complete and innovative solutions, and mostly aiming an increasing productivity and growth of our customers.




Lactosoja Serviços e Comércio de Alimentos
Rua Conselheiro Cândido de Oliveira, 461 – Vila Anástacio
05093-010  -  São Paulo  - Brasil
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